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At Atypical Development, we believe in something different: treating customers like people, not numbers. We achieve this by offering high quality products and services at a price even the small business owner can afford. Our friendly staff will work closely with you to help you decide what best suits your needs, and then work out a price that is easy on your wallet.


Online Solutions

We're not only a design firm, we offer a wide array of online products to suit your business or organization's needs.


If you're a do-it-yourself type of person, or simply don't have the budget for a professionally designed site, for you we offer:

For those with e-commerce needs we offer:

For businesses and organizations that have existing websites, and are looking for online marketing we offer:

For those looking to broaden their online presence we also offer GoMobi, which allows you to create a tailored mobile experience that will work on almost any phone.


Social Networking

The online world is now an always updating constant feed of information via avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, and "blog" sites such as Wordpress and Blogger.com. With access to boundless information at your fingertips anywhere you go with smartphones such as iPhone and Blackberry, the days of print advertisement are gracefully bowing out to the You Tube generation. Newspapers and magazines have stepped aside to the iPad and Kindle, while phonebooks and yellowpages are fighting for survival against online directories and search engines such as Google and Bing.

Is your business or organization ready to tackle the mainstream of social media? We can help. With services such as Facebook Business Page creation and Wordpress blog design and hosting, you will be able to reach the newest generation of consumer.


Why do I need a .COM anyway?

Search For Your .COM Now!

Whether you're looking to make a stunning first impression or continue a long relationship with your customers, investors and partners, a .com is the key to helping your business thrive.

  • For Your Customers.

    Your community loves you, supports you and has helped you achieve the success your business deserves. A .com will bring the service they know and love in person online.

  • For Your Business.

    Of course you have a business card and a phone number. Why not a website? There's no better way to showcase your products or services. Start with site hosting, then grow your business with additional offers such as email marketing, search engine visibility and more.

  • For Your Future.

    Nothing says business like .com. With a .com, your business will be easier to find and appear even more credible and professional, helping ensure that you're in it for the long run.



  • Vibrant Chocolate


    Sweetness in Seattle. .Com helps this award-winning rainy-city chocolatier satisfy America's sweet tooth with their nutrient-infused truffles.

  • Smart Casing


    With a touch of branding, a splash of color and the help of .com, Smart Casing lets companies all over the map put their corporate stamp on smartphones.

  • Charity Gift Market


    This good-hearted company uses their .com to let shoppers all over the world find gifts that keep on giving from a variety of different charities.

Do small or home based businesses really need a web presence?